Eaton 93PM + Samsung Lithium Ion Battery Cabinet

EATON 93PM UPS + Lithium-Ion Battery Cabinet

Eaton 93PM UPSOffering industry-leading efficiency and reliability, the EATON 93PM UPS is an ideal three-phase solution for providing a high quality power backup system for your white or gray datacenter space. As easy to deploy as it is to manage, the EATON 93PM UPS combines vertical or horizontal scalability with handsome space-saving design.

EATON 9395 UPS + Lithium-Ion

EATON POWER XPERT 9395 UPS[Formerly Powerware 9395 UPS or Eaton 9395 UPS] The energy-efficient EATON POWER XPERT 9395 UPS is designed to provide a high quality power backup system with scalable battery runtimes for large datacenters, healthcare applications, and other mission-critical applications. Innovative Energy Saver System operates at 99 percent efficiency and can pay for itself in three to five years—without sacrificing reliability.